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A Very Special Visitor

A Very Special Visitor

Black Redstart (Female)

Amongst the millions of human visitors to Winter Wonderland there was another very rare small feathered visitor.
A Black redstart, a small robin sized bird, took up residence in the trees on the site for a week or so. It was undeterred by lights, noise or the flow of humanity all round, and was closely followed by a large group of excited birders rushing from tree to tree observing. Unfortunately we do not have a photo of this group.
The Black redstart ( Phoenicurus ochuros) has adapted to live in urban areas and is a member of the chat family. It is on the Red list of Birds of Conservation concern and is protected by the Wild Life and Countryside Act 1981.

There are thought to be between 19 and 44 breeding pairs and about 400 wintering in the UK.

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