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London Plane Tree Conference

10th July 2019, 2pm – 5pm

Plane Trees Hyde Park

The Friends have been invited by the Conservation Foundation to join the London Plane Tree Conference.

London Planes are a vital part of London’s landscape with an estimated 121,000 planes growing in and around Central London. This is 4% of the 8.4 million trees in total, but a number which is decreasing as planes are often replaced by other species.

Wherever they grow plane trees face multiple threats including redevelopment and development, public spending cuts, air quality, storm force winds, canker stain of plane (Ceratocystis platani), drought and climate change. Increasingly planes in London are threatened by Massaria which is which spreading north, up through Europe possibly as a result of climate change.

Join a discussion on how we can protect London’s unique landscape and what action is needed to save the views for future generations with experts including:

Prof Chris Baines environmentalist and campaigner, Paul Wood author of London’s Street Trees and the recently published London is a Forest, Dr Ana Perez-Sierra, Head of Tree Health Diagnostic & Advisory Service, at Forest Research; Greg Packman of the Royal Parks and Barbara Milne, City of Westminster and London Tree Officers Association. Although not yet confirmed we also hope to welcome Professor CY Jim, Department of Social Sciences, University of Hong Kong.

The event will be chaired by Matt Brown, Editor at Large of The Londonist Tickets are £10.

To register visit The Conservation Foundation – London Plane Tree Conference

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