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Archive news

Here you’ll find all of our news stories dating back to when we first started entering them to this website.

  • Blog 12: Blog from a member, Dimity Spiller

    As I live on the western edge of Kensington Gardens, this is where I take my daily stroll, Hyde Park is for Significant Expeditions. Whether I walk clockwise or anti-clockwise there are certain points to be noted each time. These vary with the seasons; in the winter I can see the Palace as soon as I enter, its mixture of grandeur and cosiness never fails to cheer, in the summer with the leaves full out it is more like entering a tightly wooded copse, secret and mysterious.

  • Blog 11: Trees in The Parks

    Trees are the body of a park. They define a natural landscapes character, its shape, colour, and smell. They are what attract people to green spaces, for their towering and twisted figures, knotted crowns, and artists pallet of green hues. Trees are also what bring life to a park. They harbour biodiversity, filter pollution out of the air we breathe while at the same time emitting oxygen into the atmosphere. They are all round great living and breathing beings and so this week Russell and I are going to introduce you to some of the ancient woody characters we have across the parks and the benefits they provide for both people and wildlife.

  • Blog 10: Blog from accredited Photographer, Paul Shelley

    Lockdown Fridays on my Bike

    Not living close to the Parks, I have experienced an urge to get back into Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens for another ramble with my camera. As the easing and gradual unlocking is rolled out I felt safe and within the rules to peddle in from East London for an explore.

  • Blog 9:  Importance of Water

    The watery features of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens can almost be taken for granted, such is their vastness, but this week we’ll take an insight into how we manage the water bodies of The Round Pond, The Long Water and The Serpentine.

  • Blog 8: From Sue Price, Chairman

    Dear Friends and Supporters,
    It’s many weeks since I last wrote to you. I have been able to take a back seat while our two wonderful correspondents at large have been writing a weekly blog for you. I think actually, that although they are Royal Parks technical officers, with their writing skill they could easily have a career change into the world of journalism.

  • Blog 7: Park Situation in May

    With the Government recently releasing its Lockdown Easing Plan there has been a noticeable change within Hyde Park over the course of the week. Under the new guidelines The Royal Parks have been working to open some of the sports and catering facilities that were temporarily closed during lockdown. Following strict social distancing rules, a number of the park’s kiosks have been allowed to reopen, as well as the ‘Will to Win’ Sports Centre, for Tennis only. The Serpentine Swimmers Club has also been allowed to resume swimming at the Lido, which I am sure will be a relief for those dedicated members that swim there so religiously.

  • Blog 6: Jenner and Hope

    Everything to hope for
    It has been proclaimed that we are past the peak. We wait with bated breath for news when we can start to live with slightly more freedom once again. The weather is fine, and the birds are singing. There are new beginnings. There is hope.

  • Blog 5: The Great Exhibition

    Hyde Park: The People’s Park
    Last week we uncovered the very beginnings of Hyde Park and its transformation into a royal hunting ground for monarchs and various landed gentry. Since then, the park has evolved from a space exclusively used by royalty to one that is ‘for the people’. So how did this evolution in landscape and function occur?

  • Blog 4: Enchanting History of Hyde

    The Enchanting History of Hyde
    This week I want to turn the spotlight on Hyde Park’s colourful and intriguing past, in particular it’s early history. I am currently helping develop the new management plan for the park and as part of my research have discovered some very interesting and exciting aspects of the park that may not necessarily be known to all.

  • Blog 3: Blues and Purples

    Blues and Purples

    A Blue and Purple Theme
    If last week was all about things very fine and showy, then this week we must have an appreciation for the smaller things. As the trees start to put on their coats of green there is a race against time for some plants to soak up the water, light and nutrients before the trees take it all for themselves.

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