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Archive news

Here you’ll find all of our news stories dating back to when we first started entering them to this website.

  • March winds and April showers ….

    It’s very exciting for the Friends that, after several years of trying, a new home for our information kiosk may soon be established.

    The Lodge by the Apsley Gate used to be the Friends’ office where members staffed a small desk to greet and help visitors. That is now a café, and the volunteer members were moved to an attractive but not entirely suitable kiosk close by. They have run this little kiosk valiantly for many years, but dwindling numbers have meant that they aren’t able any longer to provide the level of service which they would like.

  • Our Parks' Story Continues

    Apologies to you all that our February newsletter has slipped into March.

    Slipping and sliding are about right for both parks at the moment, but not on icy cold crisp winter mornings. February has lived up to its name, and I’ve never seen so much standing water and for so long in both Parks. Take a few steps away from a path’s hard surface in some areas, and you are quite likely to sink in over your ankles.

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