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News items include the latest news from the Friends and news items relating to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, which may be of interest to Friends. The biannual newsletters provides further news on developments within the Parks and Friends events.

  • New Benches in Kensington Gardens

    An important aspect of our wonderful Parks is to be able to sit and enjoy the borders, birds and wildlife, energy expanded by others etc. The Parks have recently focused on the benches in The Park to make that a more comfortable activity.

  • Blog 24 A Winning Weekend

    Both Kensington Gardens and Brompton Cemetery were awarded their respective Green Flag Award and Green Heritage Site Accreditation for 2020/21. These awards acknowledge well managed parks and green spaces all over the UK and around the world and set the benchmark standard for the management of recreational outdoor spaces.

  • Blog 23: Virtual Tour of Crystal Palace in Hyde Park

    For the first time in 169 years, visitors can take a 360 tour around The Crystal Palace, the venue of the formidable 1851 Great Exhibition held in Hyde Park – but this time without leaving your home

  • Blog 22: Monteverdi - Coronation of Poppea Performance

    Since early April we’ve been sending out regular blogs via MailChimp with only a few short gaps during all these months.

    This has been possible because we have a genius at work behind the scenes. Our membership secretary, Lynden Easton, has worked miracles using only her computer at home to send evermore ambitious postings.

  • Blog 21: An Autumnal


  • Blog 20: Chairman's Update (Hyde Park)

    Manager Jason Taylor had an unusually quiet Park for the first weeks of lockdown. Kensington Gardens took the brunt of the mobs. However that’s all changed.

  • Blog 19 Chairmans Update - Kensington Gardens

    These are extraordinary times….
    when normally we love to plan, to fix things to look forward to and fill the diary.

    However, one thing we can be absolutely certain of — the seasons roll on. Summer is turning into Autumn.

    Members have told us how much they have enjoyed the Parks, the fresh air and the exercise. There have been problems. The Royal Parks were not alone in facing situations which their staff never dreamed would be part of their jobs.

    We are aiming to keep you all up to date:
    Both Parks flower beds are being cleared ready for the big burst of Autumn planting starting on Monday with an almost military operation.

    The Hyde Park nursery has thousands of trays of plants, specially grown to the horticulturalist planting designs.

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