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News items include the latest news from the Friends and news items relating to Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, which may be of interest to Friends. The biannual newsletters provides further news on developments within the Parks and Friends events.

  • New Kiosks Update

    One of the new kiosks

    The new kiosks at Green Park’s Canada Gate and Queens Walk have been completed, and we are delighted with the results. The range of food they offer has been extended and now includes delicious cookies and banana bread which are proving to be very popular.

  • The new servery in the gardens of Serpentine Bar and Kitchen has been completed.

  • The Royal Parks have shared with us the 2019 closing closing times for Kensington Gardens and Princess Diana Memorial Playground

  • The Royal Parks have informed the FriendsHPKG of the extensive works planned at Hyde Park’s Serpentine Bar & Kitchen.

    A complete refurbishment of the café will take place, including the re-design of the seating area and serving counters, as well as a new outdoor kiosk for the summer months.

  • Members Photographs

    Member's Photo: Autumn in Hyde Park

    In our recent newsletter we said that we would love more members to contribute their photos. We were delighted to subsequently receive some from member Rosa Davies.

  • Kiosk installation - Ritz Corner

    Kiosk Installation at Ritz Corner

    The first of 8 bespoke central kiosks is being installed at Ritz Corner (November 1st), ready for opening mid November.

  • The Mastaba : Some photographic jottings

    Mastaba, Serpentine

    By the end of August 2018 many of you will now be familiar with the installation by Christo and Jean-Claude known as the Mastaba. Installed in the Serpentine, Hyde Park, a couple of months ago, it has proved controversial. Will it contribute to the ambiance and character of the Royal Park; will it generate crowds which can’t be managed; will it upset the ecosystem of the lake?
    Paul Shelley, Accredited Photographer, Friends of Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, provides an insight …

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