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Theft! Hyde Park Loses Plants

Theft! Hyde Park Loses Plants

Autumn bedding planting was completed on Thursday 26th October and the Rose Garden at the Hyde Park Corner end looked magnificent . Only two days later on Saturday morning 28th Oct it was obvious that about 40 plants had been stolen from that area , some time either during the night or very early in the morning ,leaving large gaps.

Gaps where plants have been taken

It is expected that, over the next few weeks, even more will be stolen. Rob Dowling, the Manager of Hyde Park, says how sad it is that one or two very mean thieves are spoiling the pleasure that the top quality planting and high horticultural standards give to millions of Park visitors.

Replacing the missing plants is expensive and uses much valuable staff time.

We are amazed that these thieves seem to get away with nobody spotting them. Look out for people carrying bulging carrier bags with plants in.

More missing plants

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