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Prince Albert....above, below and around

Prince Albert....above, below and around

'Come on In'

We had a gloriously warm Spring afternoon on April 30th for our annual visit to the Albert Memorial to see parts which others can not get to! We were well supported by a small army of extremely knowledgeable Kensington Gardens staff who made it a real treat. In addition we had the benefit of two members, one who talked us through the Parnassus Frieze and a new member who is writing a book on the Albert Memorial, and as a geologist was able to gave us additional help over the stone work and sources (all from UK ) as well as the semi precious gems part of the stone work.

We had Greg Packman, a tree specialist, to tell us about a few rare trees along the South Flower Walk. One was rather dangerous and one terribly ancient!

Members underground in the Undercroft

Of course the real hidden part underground in the Undercroft was led by Kensington Gardens Manager, Andrew Williams. He talked us through the engineering and with our torches and hard hats on, we were guided through the Undercroft, in the still air and the silence.

We finished up with tea, cake, cookies and ice creams in the sunshine at the lovely kiosk nearby. Nobody was in a rush to go home!

Our very great thanks go to all the staff of Kensington Gardens who made it possible.
Sue Price

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