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Blog 16:Happy Birthday NHS

Blog 16:Happy Birthday NHS

The Royal Parks have produced the most magnificent bedding display for the NHS outside Buckingham Palace.

Red, white and blue, the much admired bedding scheme at Buckingham Palace was all ready for the big plant out. The geraniums, some of them breathtakingly tall, and other patriotic coloured plants had been beautifully tended for a year in the Hyde Park nursery.

It was time to recognise the amazing work being done by all those people who have so carefully tended to the very sick during this terrible pandemic.

Royal Parks Director, Tom Jarvis, asked Nursery manager, Mike Jones, who asked assistant Park manager, Rob Dowling, to put on a gardening thinking-cap.

Blue and white plants were chosen with a whole summer survival rate in mind and two beds (for symmetry) at the Palace were reorganised to be tilted.

Please do click on the utube link to see how they designed and planted it:
The Royal Parks’ Buckingham Palace flower beds tribute to the NHS

A specialist nursery in Cornwall was commissioned to produce this high profile carpet bedding and the rest you can see in this blog.

You will see many familiar faces enjoying clapping for the NHS!
Clapping for NHS

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