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New Benches in Kensington Gardens

New Benches in Kensington Gardens

An important aspect of our wonderful Parks is to be able to sit and enjoy the borders, birds and wildlife, energy expanded by others etc. The Parks have recently focused on the benches in The Park to make that a more comfortable activity.

Some of you who use the Queensgate entrance to Kensington Gardens may have seen a number of benches corralled inside a fenced area during late summer, some painted and others not.

Kensington Gardens purchased 24 new benches to be placed around the gardens before Covid and also received 7 refurbished benches from Greenwich Park which, were surplus. Some of these benches, 16 in total, have now been painted and placed around the park. A further 8 new benches have been placed in-front of Kensington Palace with unpainted slats, just the ends painted black.

The reason for this is to see how the benches weather without being painted, which will assist with the maintenance. Heavily used benches get painted each year, if the unpainted weather well, it will reduce maintenance. The Royal Parks will be monitoring the wear and tear of these benches throughout the year. In total we now have an extra 31 benches situated in the park.

We hope you will be able to sit on one of the new benches during your next walk in the park, and enjoy a rest. On a sunny day the four placed behind the Albert Memorial are in a simply wonderful position to sit and catch some sun and look towards The Albert Hall and Memorial with a drink and snack from the kiosk close by.

Tina Higginson
Trustee of The Friends of Hyde Park & Kensington Gar

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