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A Snowy Extra

A Snowy Extra

A Natural Winter Wonderland for Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park

For the first time in many years, sadly no ‘Winter Wonderland’ in Hyde Park. However, we were blessed with a ‘Natural Winter Wonderland’ on the morning of Sunday 24th January with families having such fun in the snow. The brief snowfall turned our parks into an open air gallery of some amazing snowmen and women, clearly lots of creativity around.

Oh my goodness, censorship required!

One family exclaimed “how lovely it is to see so many fantastic snowmen from so little snow”. I directed them to the three miniature snowmen and women sitting on a tree trunk and they sent me to see the enormous rabbit and ‘recycled’ snowman with their two children standing next to them. Whoever built these were pretty fast and strong builders as the snow was melting away as quickly as it arrived.
These images are only a small collection of what I spied around Kensington Gardens.

January is usually a dark and depressing month, but what a difference a dusting of snow makes! Wonderful to see the park full of people grinning from ear to ear enjoying the snow and the beautiful views of Kensington Palace

Main photo from Bambina Carnwath (Member)
Photographs and text from Tina Higginson (Trustee)

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